Gabra culture

The Gabra are a cushitic culture, living in the desert region of Marsabit County, Kenya. They keep camels, cattle, goats, and sheep. Due to the harsh environment, the Gabra face difficult seasons of drought and hunger. In general the men herd the animals across the region, following the grass and watering holes, living on milk from the herd.

Families may live in "fora" camps, away from town or may choose to settle near a town for children to attend school or to provide medical care for a relative. Educational costs and sacrifice of workforce make choosing to send children to school a major sacrifice for families. However, many Gabra hold high positions in government, police, medical, and educational sectors in Kenya.

The Gabra maintain close knit communities within their family and clan. Leaning heavily on traditional ways to survive, changes in culture are generally met with resistance. Initial attempts to share the Gospel were met with fierce opposition. We praise God for doors which are opening in remote areas, previously untouched by any Gospel influence.