Rachel maintains her certification as a CPM and Licenced Midwife. Her training is through the apprenticeship model as well as studying for several years with Ancient Art Midwifery Institute.

As a midwife she has unique access to women and children during a pivotal time in their lives, proclaiming the Gospel through love and care.

Statistics are available upon request.

Garden Lady

Care of Creation Kenya has created a program called Farming God's Way. It teaches Biblical principles of stewardship through farming methods. CCK promotes no till methods with frequent inputs such as manure to rehabilitate poor soils and protect good soils from degradation. This method has had some success in Dukana.

Women's Bible Study

Rachel was introduced the Women of the Good News program by Virginia Andersen and brought the program to Dukana. The program teaches basic discipleship concepts like prayer, Bible memorization, and personal devotional time along with serving the church and commutniy.

Childbirth Educator

In 2017 Rachel certified as a Childbirth Educator through Lamaze. Elizabeth Project International brings Lamaze quality training to Kenya every year. Rachel continues to participate in these trainings as a facilitator, training others to become childbirth educators. Rachel also maintains membership in the Kenya Association for Breastfeeding, staying up to date on breastfeeding research and advocating for breastfeeding education.