Famine Relief & Garden

Famine relief

Like many nomadic tribes in the North of Kenya, the Gabra face cycles of drought, which cause devastation to their families and their livestock. We have partnered with many organizations to distribute food relief by way of a work for food program. Typical programs have focused on cleaning the environment, road building, and fence repairs.

Garden project

Within Dukana, the community has worked towards several garden projects. Currently, a project utilizing drip irrigation and shade housing is required to create a sustainable kitchen garden. Approximately 11 women in the community have vested interest in the community garden and await raw materials to plant needed crops to supplement their current diet.

Garden Update

After a successful start up, the garden was decimated by army worms and locusts. At this point we believe the best way forward is to install a water tank, connect irrigation lines, increasing the water as well as a shade house. We hope to accomplish this in 2023.

People Involved

Eddie Andersen: drip irrigation & shade house design

Rachel Andersen: Teaching and consultation in CCK methods

Care of Creation Kenya provides training for individuals interesting in understanding the Farming God's Way curriculum and method.