the pastor

Eddie is a licensed pastor with the Africa Inland Church. He is the only pastor licensed in the AIC denomination serving an area of 50,000 square kilometers. We are praying some of the young men attending Bible school will soon become licensed as well to help with the work, baptizing and serving communion to the believers among the Gabra.

the builder

Due to the remote location, Eddie uses his building skills to design and construct housing and well pumping systems. The primary means for building housing utilizes tilt up construction with an emphasis upon minimal supplies and cost efficiency.

Well pumping projects take advantage of the design to protect solar panels and provide a means to perform maintenance.

the radio guy

Eddie's role in radio varies from day to day. His primary role is administrative; however, he is hands on with tower and studio construction, recording, and seeking out materials for broadcasting. He enjoys recording messages for the radio as well as increasing broadcasting distance to reach unreached villages.

the inventor

Due to the remoteness of the area, Eddie has invented many tools and methods for overcoming obstacles. A few unique inventions include a well puller and mechanical turbine break. In order to see some of these inventions, please follow the links below to our You Tube Channel.

Eddie & Rachel Andersen YouTube Channel