Village of Hope

Rescue Center for Outcast Women

One hundred women and their children live as outcasts in Dukana and the surrounding area. The Village of Hope Rescue Center exists to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to their lives. We use Firm Foundations: From Creation to Christ discipleship materials to give the women a Biblical foundation. We also teach math and reading literacy as well as beading, sewing, crochet, and baking. The center sponsors health care, food needs, and provides education for their children. We currently house four women and twelve children at the church property. We hope to build another building to host four more women and their children for in depth training and care. We believe these women are meant to be image bearers of Jesus Christ and seek to speak His love and life into their hearts.

People Involved

Housing Blueprint

The current housing blueprint includes four bedrooms, a kitchen, classroom, and showers. Each woman shares her room with her children. Older boys stay in the evangelists' house. The porch provides an open area where women can talk and work while their children play.