Desert Harvest

Life & Ministry in Northern Kenya

Desert Harvest is a website of the work of AIC Dukana and partners. Eddie and Rachel have worked among the Gabra of Northern Kenya since 2008. In order to highlight the current activities they developed this website. The work in Dukana involves all means available to accomplish evangelism and discipleship in the desert. Over the last several years God has shown the fields are ripe for the harvest but the laborers are few.

The Gabra are a nomadic people group, crossing the desert and arid lands of Northern Kenya. They keep camels, cattle, sheep, & goats. Animal sacrifice, respect of ancestors, and a hierarchical society determine their daily life.

As Christians, our purpose is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord with all people. A missionary chooses to cross language and cultural barriers to bring that message to people, often across borders.

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